Tax & Estate Planning

Tax and Estate Analysis

  • Complete planning analysis
  • Retirement analysis
  • Estate analysis
  • Shareholder’s agreement analysis
  • Will’s analysis
  • Special mandates

Accompaniment Service for your client meetings

  • Presentation services
  • Data collection
  • Analysis & personalized document preparation
  • Completing sale

Advanced Training for Advisers

  • Specialized training with PDU’s

Customer Seminars

  • Presentation of customer seminars upon request

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Find out what Canadians are saying about debt…

Homeowners indicate they are more comfortable with debt than their parents were, Manulife Bank of Canada survey shows Waterloo – Four in ten homeowners (39 per cent) indicate they’re more comfortable with debt compared to their parents, versus just one in eight (13 per cent) who feel they’re less comfortable. The perceived gap in comfort level […]

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Manulife – Reduce your taxes and keep more of your money

There are a variety of ways to reduce the amount of income tax you pay and keep more of your money at tax time. By taking advantage of all possible tax deductions and credits, you’ll free up more money to put towards your investments, your emergency savings, or other important goals. Federal income tax rules […]

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Secrets to writing a will

Get peace of mind and protect your most important valuable assets — your family — with a will. You know you should have a will. You know you should keep it updated. Problem is, there’s always something more fun to spend your time and money on. While it’s unlikely you’ll ever enjoy writing your will, […]

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Your financial preparedness checklist

Your legacy is more than a bank balance. It’s the impact you make on your community and your family. Here are six tips for turning a nice thought into a powerful reality: Get organized Ensure your personal information – bank account and investment contract numbers, insurance policies, tax information, etc. – are up to date […]

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