Permanent Life Insurance

IMG_0974Whole life insurance offers guaranteed, reliable coverage to last your entire lifetime. Ideal for personal and business needs, it provides permanent protection you can count on and guaranteed cash values that grow over time.

Key advantages of permanent insurance over term insurance

  • Permanent insurance costs are usually guaranteed when you first purchase the policy.
  • Some permanent insurance plans allow you to pay for a limited number of years, then never again. Imagine …you could buy insurance when you’re 40, finish paying the premiums when you’re 50, and be fully covered for the rest of your life. In contrast, term insurance is virtually always “pay as you go” and you’ll be paying premiums while you have the coverage.
  • Permanent life insurance premiums can be guaranteed level for life (they don’t increase as you age, even if your health changes), or they can vary depending on the permanent insurance plan you choose.

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