Manulife RetirementPlus






The first retirement management solution of its kind, Manulife RetirementPlus is an innovative, flexible savings and income product that can support your clients through the key phases of preparing for retirement – from saving to enjoying income. Manulife RetirementPlus can help your clients accelerate their savings and catch up financially with their retirement goals.

Manulife RetirementPlus also adapts to changing market conditions and allows your clients to take advantage of potentially rising interest rates1. Manulife RetirementPlus can also adapt to your clients’ unique retirement needs and provide future guaranteed lifetime income when they choose.

How it works

Manulife RetirementPlus is a flexible investment solution comprised of three phases all within one investment. Each phase is important in preparing clients for retirement:

Savings Phase

  • A broad selection of industry-leading investment funds, with up to 100 per cent equity, is available to provide growth potential
  • Clients can benefit from rising interest rates, which can improve the value of Income Credits2
  • Income Credits are accumulated monthly and help provide higher future guaranteed income if the client chooses to Transition

Benefits of Income Credits:

  • Income Credits can help grow future guaranteed income beyond what’s possible through market participation alone
  • Clients have the ability to catch up financially towards their retirement goals

Preservation Phase

  • Clients can choose to Transition all or part of their market value and proportional Accumulated Income Credits into this phase to preserve Transition Income Rates (Income Rates) and guarantee a future income level
  • With each Transition, a set of Income Rates is secured and these do not change for the remainder of the contract
  • If Transitioning, savings can be moved to Preservation all at once or over time
  • Income deferral during Preservation can increase the value of future guaranteed income


  • Clients have the ability to capture potentially rising Income Rates
  • Not all assets need to be Transitioned into this phase at once, offering the flexibility to continue saving and earning Income Credits in the Savings Phase

Income Phase

  • A predictable, guaranteed lifetime income stream begins when clients enter this phase by Electing Income (starting as early as age 50)
  • Income is based on the Income Rates secured in the Preservation Phase with each Transition


  • Clients have the flexibility to continue saving and earning Income Credits in the Savings Phase, even after starting to take income
  • The above capability aligns with the need for only partial income – assets left in the Savings Phase can be Transitioned into the Income Phase later, when and if more income is needed

For more information, please refer to the Manulife RetirementPlus Advisor Guide (MK2785).