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Homeowners indicate they are more comfortable with debt than their parents were, Manulife Bank of Canada survey shows

Waterloo – Four in ten homeowners (39 per cent) indicate they’re more comfortable with debt compared to their parents, versus just one in eight (13 per cent) who feel they’re less comfortable. The perceived gap in comfort level was greatest among homeowners in their fifties, who were five times more likely to indicate a greater degree of comfort than their parents, compared to those in their twenties and thirties, who were only twice as likely. Read more

Homeowner Debt Report

About Manulife Bank’s Debt Research

Manulife Bank believes that, by managing debt more effectively, many people could save money, become debt-free sooner and achieve more of their financial goals.

Effective debt management is a key contributor to financial health and, by conducting surveys and research into debt management, we’d like to:

  • Inform and encourage a public discussion of consumer debt, in a way that helps people understand the role that debt plays in their financial health.
  • Educate Canadian consumers on effective debt management by providing information and insights.
  • Encourage Canadians to discuss debt management with their families and financial advisors and look for ways to manage their debt more effectively.