Canada Life – Retirement and Investment Products

Retirement and Investment Products
Through all the stages of your life you should have one-stop access to all the investment solutions you need. We provide just that with access to:

  • Over 50 segregated funds
  • 15 different investment management companies
  • Guaranteed interest terms
  • Registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs)

We can help you create an investment portfolio that helps you:

  • Save for your child’s education
  • Plan a vacation
  • Build a nest egg for retirement, or
  • Invest in a small business

We can help you enjoy your retirement. We offer retirement income solutions from payout annuities to registered retirement income funds (RRIFs).
Make your financial life easier to manage with our help.
Segregated Fund Policies
Segregated fund policies offer wealth-building potential similar to that of a mutual fund. Fund managers invest in stocks, bonds or other assets, depending on the fund’s investment objectives. Segregated fund policies also offer valuable wealth-protection features.
Payout Annuities
Planning ahead allows you to make sure income is available when you need it. Payout annuities provide you income for specified periods of time or a lifetime.
Guaranteed Interest Terms
Guaranteed interest terms offer a fixed-interest rate for the term you select and add a level of guarantee and stability for your financial plans.
Savings Options
To help you achieve your savings goals, we offer several types of savings options with many features.
Retirement Income Options
Retirement income options provide you with retirement income payments in exchange for a lump sum.

Empire Life-Segregated Fund Investments

Empire Life segregated fund policies can give you the growth potential of investment funds with the security of insurance guarantees.
Our Funds are managed using a conservative, value-oriented, disciplined investment approach with the goal of building and protecting your wealth.

Are Empire Life segregated funds for you?

Empire Life segregated funds may be the solution for you if:

  • You want to participate in the growth potential of the markets, but want downside protection. With our segregated fund policies, you have a maturity benefit guarantee to protect your investment in all markets.
  • You are looking for estate planning benefits. Our segregated fund policies offer a death benefit guarantee and they can allow the value of your investments to bypass probate, a public process that can be both costly and lengthy.
  • You are a small business owner or a professional. Our segregated fund policies can offer potential protection from creditors.

How segregated funds work

Segregated funds are available only through insurance companies as an investment option of an insurance policy. The policy can provide valuable benefits, including guarantees.
You don’t buy the fund units directly, but the units are used to determine the benefit value of your policy.

Key Features and Benefits

Empire Life segregated funds allow you to combine the growth potential of investment funds with the protection of benefit guarantees provided under the policy.
Protection from market downturns
With Empire Life segregated funds, your investments are protected from market downturns with the maturity and death benefit guarantees.
You can choose between a 75% or a 100% maturity benefit guarantee option. When your policy matures you are guaranteed to receive the greater of 75% (or 100%) of your net deposits, or the market value of your segregated fund investments.1
Your death benefit guarantee is 100% of your net deposits. On your death, your beneficiary is guaranteed to receive the greater of 100% of your net deposits or the market value of your segregated fund investments.1
Ability to reset benefit guarantees
You can reset your benefit guarantees twice each year. If the market value of your segregated fund investments is higher than your net deposits, you can reset your maturity and death benefit guarantees based on the higher value.2
Potential creditor protection
As part of an insurance policy, your segregated fund investments may be protected from creditors if you name your spouse, child, parent or grandchild as the beneficiary of your policy or if you name an irrevocable beneficiary (a beneficiary that cannot be changed).
Talk to your advisor regarding your individual circumstances, potential creditor protection varies by province.
Opportunity to bypass probate
With segregated funds, the death benefit is paid directly to your named beneficiary rather than to your estate.
This means that the value of your segregated fund investments may bypass probate, a costly and lengthy process, allowing your named beneficiary to receive the proceeds faster.

Manulife RetirementPlus™

Catch up with your retirement goals and enjoy income for life

The first retirement management solution of its kind, Manulife RetirementPlus is an innovative, flexible segregated fund product that can support you through the key phases of your retirement preparation. It can help you realize your retirement goals, so you can be better prepared to face retirement.

Manulife RetirementPlus provides:

Growth potential

  • A wide range of investment funds to suit your investment style, with up to 100% equity
  • The ability to catch up financially towards achieving your retirement goals
  • The opportunity to benefit from potentially rising interest rates

Flexibility and control

  • Choose the amount of income, with either a partial or full income stream
  • You can access your market value if the need arises (fees may apply)

Guaranteed lifetime income

  • Optional guaranteed, lifetime income when the time is right for you

 How do you know if Manulife RetirementPlus may be the right choice?

  • If you are five or more years away from retirement
  • If you seek flexibility in your retirement plan
  • If you want lifetime, guaranteed retirement income
  • If you are willing to assume some of the associated risk of market uncertainty in exchange for greater income potential
  • If you need to catch up financially towards your retirement goals

The key phases of retirement preparation with Manulife RetirementPlus

 The Savings Phase helps grow savings and enhance future income potential

  • Choose from a broad selection of industry leading investment funds to help build savings, with up to 100% equity
  • Income Credits accumulate to help you catch up financially and allow you to take advantage of potentially rising interest rates
  • Access to your market value is available at any time should you need it (fees may apply)
  • Competitive fees allow your portfolio to maximize growth potential

 The Preservation Phase determines future guaranteed income

  • When you’re ready, you may secure Income Rates that will determine your future guaranteed income
  • Choose the amount of income, with either a partial or a full income stream
  • Increase your future guaranteed income by delaying income payments

 The Income Phase provides flexible income to help support your retirement lifestyle

  • Choose when to begin receiving guaranteed lifetime retirement income
  • The ability to continue making deposits and earning Income Credits in the Savings Phase while taking income, so your future income can continue to grow