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Retirement and Investment Products
Through all the stages of your life you should have one-stop access to all the investment solutions you need. We provide just that with access to:

  • Over 50 segregated funds
  • 15 different investment management companies
  • Guaranteed interest terms
  • Registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs)

We can help you create an investment portfolio that helps you:

  • Save for your child’s education
  • Plan a vacation
  • Build a nest egg for retirement, or
  • Invest in a small business

We can help you enjoy your retirement. We offer retirement income solutions from payout annuities to registered retirement income funds (RRIFs).
Make your financial life easier to manage with our help.
Segregated Fund Policies
Segregated fund policies offer wealth-building potential similar to that of a mutual fund. Fund managers invest in stocks, bonds or other assets, depending on the fund’s investment objectives. Segregated fund policies also offer valuable wealth-protection features.
Payout Annuities
Planning ahead allows you to make sure income is available when you need it. Payout annuities provide you income for specified periods of time or a lifetime.
Guaranteed Interest Terms
Guaranteed interest terms offer a fixed-interest rate for the term you select and add a level of guarantee and stability for your financial plans.
Savings Options
To help you achieve your savings goals, we offer several types of savings options with many features.
Retirement Income Options
Retirement income options provide you with retirement income payments in exchange for a lump sum.

Transamerica-SPIA- Concerned about funding your retirement?

Transamerica’s Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs) provide a guaranteed income to the annuitant for the annuitant’s lifetime or for a specified period of time in return for a lump sum of money.

Along with competitive rates and a wide range of options, Transamerica SPIAs provide many benefits to help you reach your income goals.

Transamerica offers three types of annuities:

1. Single life annuity with or without a guarantee period

A single life annuity provides an income as long as the annuitant is living. The income payments can also be guaranteed for a specific period. The income frequency can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. If a guarantee period is selected, payments are guaranteed during the selected period. If the annuitant dies before the end of the guarantee period, the income will continue to the beneficiary.

2. Joint and survivor life annuity with or without a guarantee period

This type of annuity provides an income during the lifetime of two people, first on the life of the primary annuitant, then on the life of the successor annuitant. The payments are guaranteed while at least one of the annuitants is living. The income frequency can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. There are optional guarantee periods, as well as an option to reduce the payment amount at the primary annuitant’s death or after the guarantee period has expired.

3. Term certain annuity

A term life annuity provides the annuitant with guaranteed, regular income for a selected period of time. Income payments cease and the annuity contract ends at the end of the term certain period.

Key benefits of a Transamerica SPIA
SPIAs allow you to convert a registered or non-registered lump sum into a regular stream of income that can be guaranteed for the life of one or two annuitants, or for a specified period of time.

Key benefits include:

Guaranteed income: Your future income is guaranteed, and you will know exactly how much income you receive for life or for the period they have chosen. With a SPIA, there’s no danger of your outliving your capital.

Premium guarantee: If the annuitant and/or the successor annuitant should die before the first payment date, Transamerica will return the entire premium, less a discounted amount, in one lump sum to the beneficiary.

Easy to manage: You don’t need to be concerned about ongoing investment or management decisions. Once you purchase a SPIA, the regular stream of income is guaranteed.

Tax-efficient income: A SPIA immediately converts a lump sum of money into a stream of tax-efficient income.

Potential creditor protection: As an insurance product, a SPIA gives you the ability to name a family member as your beneficiary. Accordingly, your investments may be protected from creditor claims. A number of conditions or restrictions could apply. Please consult a legal advisor for more information about creditor protection.

Estate planning: Since a beneficiary can be named within a SPIA, the probate process, as well as the costs and delays associated with probating a will, is bypassed.